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Beard Oil


We have three beard oil blends to choose from. Our BASE oil blend, Our original "Swagger Six" signature carrier oil blend or our new 2017 "Super Swagger Six" oil blend. After nearly 12 months of extensive research and nearly 100 beards tested, we found the perfect blend of six carrier oils for your beard and your skin. Our original "Swagger Six" blend not only softens your beard better than any other beard oil, it also nourishes your hair right down to the follicle level to give your hair follicles the optimal environment to promote beard growth. Not only that, it also moisturises your skin under your beard to rid you of those pesky skin flakes! In 2017 we supercharged out original blend to what we now call "Super Swagger Six" oil blend. Only available in our signature line.
With a selection of three oil blends, we guarantee you'll never need to go looking for another beard oil again! Ever.
Simply put, our beard oils are the best on the market.
We've recently been awarded a five star rating for our customer service experience. It's time to make the switch to Australia's #1 Beard Care Brand.